Exhibition 展示会 Messe 전시회 

Exhibition Stand

Stand is like your business card, and its organization is always a huge challenge, and many weeks of preparation. Since it depends largely on whether the company, product or service will gain recognition, or enter a new market. So, it is proper to entrust execution of stand to specialists.

Fair stands have two functions:

For new (potential) customers
- allow to know your company, product or service. Allow entry into new markets, create an image. For those customers appearance of the stand will be the most important factor. Yet they do not know your business so in this case, the appearance sells.

For customers who already know the brand - presence at the fair is very important in keeping the client. In a situation when he already know your company and see impressive stand at the fair he gets a clear signal that the company is doing well, constantly promotes and nothing bad is happening to your products because they are still present.

In addition to serving customers, it is very important that the space of the stand is convenient and comfortable for staff, for whom it becomes a workplace for few days and must effectively perform it functions. The key is therefore to reconcile the functionality and aesthetics.

Aware of all these problems, we suggest that you benefit of many years of experience of professionals in the building stands.

Deciding on our services you have available:
- creative designers
- well experienced fitters
- cooperation with graphic artists
- excellently equipped workshop

We will provide for your stand necessary equipment and furniture, also service support during the fair, and we will be dismantling it after the fair ends.

Throughout the cooperation with our company you have confidence that you are not treated trite. You are under the care of one consultant, who will sit with you, before the beginning of designing the stand, over a blank sheet of paper and determine the needs wich stand has to meet and targets you would like to achieve.

We will not offer a solution-fits all because we know that every company, product or service are different and require different forms of presentation.